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Benefits and more about Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Above is a demo video I am sharing until I create my own in order to display what I am going to be offering soon.

This reference below is from my trainer, Jenni Spring's website. She is the main instructor for our training and shares great material on subjects  she has high level of experience in with clients. She also trains many Massage Therapists in Ashiatsu, which is a course Chrissy will be trained in by June 25th, 2017.  As a Massage Therapist, I have been blessed with the abilities to learn many great ways of helping you with my upper body strength. It is now time for myself to put my skills to use and use my entire body to not only prolong my career, but unleash the many abilities that I have been physically unable to accomplish being short. The online schedule has the Ashiatsu Service available to request for after my training and installation of my above head bars. Here is a demo video below of some therapy done by Simply Massage.

From Jenni:

Let’s DISCuss (haha!) how Ashiatsu may help with back pain from different stages of bulging discs

I’ve taught massage therapists from all over the world how to massage people in chronic pain since 2008. Our clients, and their word-of-mouth referrals, have seen their chronic back pain reduced as a result of their sessions here at Heeling Sole. The cause of their lower back pain is usually a bulging, herniated or degenerated vertebral disc.  Heeling Sole’s barefoot massages have jump-started their bodies natural healing capabilities! If you have back pain from disc issues, lets see if Ashiatsu is right for you!

What exactly is the difference between a herniated, bulging, torn, ruptured, slipped discs or a pinched nerve? Most of the time the laymen’s terms are mixed up, confused and interchanged, and inconsistently referenced. These things can even be misdiagnosed. I’m not a doctor, just a well educated muscle squasher. Here’s what I know:

Listed below are the 4 stages of disc degeneration, and if Ashiatsu is “do-able”


Stages of Disc Degeneration for clarity, with some common lay-terms associated with each stage:

Protrusion-“degenerated”:  Yep! We can massage this!

Prolapsed- ”Bulging” “Pinched Nerve”: Still good to massage, as long as you are not in acute, debilitating pain.

Extrusion- ”Herniated” “torn”:  We need to work cautiously and closely with your instant-replay feedback while massaging you. But yes, it can be done!

Sequestered- “Slipped” “Ruptured”:Nope. Not unless you’ve had surgery, followed up with PT, and have had 6-9 months healing time since the procedure.