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Myo Cupping

Myo-cupping massage technique
Dry cupping is a non invasive form of healing used across many cultures. In traditional Chinese healing, cupping is the oldest form of healing to be used. It was used frequently in the Imperial courts of China that date back to about 3,000 years.
Myo-cupping is a technique where cups are used to pull the skin upwards through vacuum pressure. This technique can be included in almost any massage modality to loosen muscles and stimulate blood flow to the area being treated. This technique pulls toxins and inflammation from the body to the surface of the skin where the lymphatic system can more readily eliminate them.
Cupping therapy is being used increasingly in weight reduction and removal of cellulite. Dry cupping is ideal for working on specific spots of cellulite, sagging skin, and other targeted areas of the body. Some results include: release of stress and anxiety, elimination of water retention, removal of toxins and cravings and promotion of effective metabolism and bowel movements.
Some of the benefits of this technique are:
Decreased or relieved pain and inflammation
Release deep muscular issues
Drain lymph fluid, clear drainage pathways
Mobilize soft tissue-fascia, muscles, tendons, and ligaments
Release and soften scar tissue
Increase range of motion
Improve circulation